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The invention patent "A kind of microporous plate used for high-throughput detection and its application" of Wu Fang's research group was officially authorized

Recently, Wu Fang's research group received a notice from the state intellectual property office that the patent application of "A kind of microporous plate for high-throughput detection and its application" was officially authorized (application number: 201310467388.1).

One of the main tasks of Wu Fang's research group is to establish a cellular or molecular high-throughput screening model for the enzyme protein target of some diseases, and conduct high-throughput drug screening in the hypostatic compound libraries, so as to find drug precursors. Nitric oxide, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide are considered to be important gas signaling molecules in cells. Hydrogen sulfide is mainly produced through CBS and CSE vitamin B6 dependent enzymes and MST, and CBS and CSE enzymes are believed to be closely related to diseases such as cancer and Down's syndrome. It is difficult to find highly specific inhibitors or activators of these gases production enzymes previously because of the lack of effective and undisturbed high throughput detection methods. By using the existing instruments and equipment, Wu Fang's research group constructed a 192 well plate with double duplicate well via getting through the well of the two adjacent microwells of commonly used 384 microwell plate and successfully realized real-time and high-throughput detection of gas molecules. With this device, we conducted high-throughput screening of inhibitors and obtained a series of specific inhibitors (Zhou y. et al, Chem Comm 2013). At the same time, the equipment was applied for utility model (authorized in 2014) and invention patent. This time the device was granted a patent for invention, which once again demonstrates the forefront and originality of the research results.

At present, the research group is using this device to study the discovery of other gas signal production enzyme modulator, and some related research results have entered the review and revision stage.

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