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 The YSL Lab


Enzymes play a very wide range of physiological functions in human body, including signal transduction and metabolic pathways. Studying of the molecular and cellular functions of enzymes is crucially important for development of new therapeutic treatments and exploring unknown mechanisms of diseases.
Our research is mainly focusing on discovering of small-molecule based enzyme inhibitors/activators, the new substrate discovery for enzymes, biochemical and cellular functions of enzymes. We use biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, high-throughput screening, bioinformatics, computer-aided drug design, enzyme kinetics, cellular and animal models of disease, chemical biology, molecular pharmacology and other methods to study the key scientific and clinical issues in a translational medicine manner.
On this regards, we have discovered a variety of new inhibitors for important enzymes as well as some functional new substrates. The related underlying molecular and cellular mechanisms of neurodegenerative disease, drug-resistance of bacteria, immunlogical disorders and cancer, were also elaborately studied in the lab. Our results have been were published in the drug discovery, biochemistry, pharmacology and chemical biology fields of famous journals, e.g. Cell Chem. Biol. (Cover Story), FASEB J., Chem. Commun., J. Med. Chem, ACS Chem. Biol. (Cover Story), Cell Death and Disease, Organic Letters, Mol. Cancer Ther., J. Bio. Chem and ChemBioChem.

The international YSL research team is composed of young scientists from different research backgrounds including biochemistry, molecular biology, drug design, screening assay development and genomics. We are seeking for outstanding personnel to join our team as well as scientific collaborations and clinical patients to join us to fight diseases in China and the rest of the world.



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